Romania, The specter of tyranny

In the aftermath of the communist era, change in most countries in Eastern Europe has been deep, wide-ranging and of epic proportions according to some observers. But in Romania and 20 years on after the fall of communism and the fatal death of its ruler Ceausescu, the World is yet to see how deep the legacy of communism has been. Elena is a Romanian journalist specializing in the communist dictatorship era in Eastern Europe. In her research, she gives us a deep analysis on the direct relationship between what she describes as the harsh systems of dictatorship, its role in changing society and its continuing negative impact on it long after the fall of communism. Looking at many aspects of Romanian society, Elena pinpoints to continuing legacy of the communist dictatorship inherent in the relationship between the people and their leaders. She also scrutinizes the way political institutions work and particularly what she describes as ‘their inability to bring about a sound and balanced political system’. Last but not least, she looks at how ordinary people are still used to live under the rule of governments that do not care about them.



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